romanian Lupan Andrei (scriitor, preşedinte al Uniunii Scriitorilor din Moldova(1946-1955; 1958-1961))
english Lupan Andrei (writer, chairman of Moldavian Writers Union(1946-1955; 1958-1961)) translated by: Ţurcan Nicu - nepotul lui A.Lupan
russian Лупан Андрей (писатель, председатель СП Молдавии(1946-1955; 1958-1961))

Lupan Andrei - writer, chairman of Moldavian Writers Union(1946-1955; 1958-1961)
LUPAN, Andrei (15.II.1912, Mihuleni, Orhei - 24.VIII. 1992, Chişinău), poet, publicist. Studied in the agriculture school from Cucuruzeni, Viticulture School from Chisinau and Agriculture Institute from Chisinau. During student time participate to the democratic movement in Basarabia. Chairman of the Writers Union of Moldavian SSR (1946-1962), secretary in the Board of Writers Union of USSR(1954-1971).
The first appearance is the poem Biography in the journal “Adevarul literar si artistic”. Before the war has published only sometimes poetry and essays in revues or papers. The main themes of his poetry are the peasant destiny, the dignity and human honesty, the peaceful and honest work as symbol and purpose of the people. His poetry appear in following books: “Poetry”(1947), “Enter the ballad”(1954), “Master creator”(1958), “Brother of the land” (1959), “The welcome law”(1966), “Gromovnic”(1973), “Selected writings” (1973). A. Lupan writes also essays, articles, getting involved in a large range of events and analysis. He was also a statesman in many republican and USSR organizations. A.Lupan got the MSSR State Prize in 1967 and the USSR State Prize in 1975 and many other awards.

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