romanian Corobceanu Anatol (om de cultură şi politic, locţ.preş. SM RSSM(1963-1970))
english Corobceanu Anatol (statesman, vice-chairman of MSSR Minister Council(1963-1970)) translated by: Ţurcan Nicu - nepotul lui A.Lupan

Corobceanu Anatol - statesman, vice-chairman of MSSR Minister Council(1963-1970)
Corobceanu Anatol (10.I.1922, Soroca - 16. XI.1976, Chisinau), statesman. Descendant from intellectual family. Learned in secondary schools from Soroca and Tighina, being leader of school class. In 1940 is admitted in Pedagogical Institute from Chisinau, the Physics and Matematics Faculty. Takes part in the War as partisan-radio specialist in Belorusia, Ukraine, Carpats. Since 1945 works in the paper “Tinerimea Moldovei”, after became editor and chief of Translation Department of CPM History Institute. The same time studied law. Between 1953-1960 – the MSSR vice-minister of Culture. As authentic intellectual supports the development of national art and culture, which in after Stalin thaw is knowing a big elan. In 1960-1963 is the second secretary of CPM City Committee from Chisinau, the chief of Administrative Department of CC CPM, vice-chairman of Republican Control Committee. Between 1963-1970 - vice-chairman of MSSR Minister Council, takes care of culture, health, science, education and other fields development. Being one of non-conformist leader of basarabian intellectuals, he is accused of passivity in the fight with nationalism and dismissed in 1970, working after that as deputy of MSSR Justice minister.

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