romanian Grecu Mihai (pictor)
english Grecu Mihai (painter)
russian Греку Михаил (художник)

Grecu Mihai - painter
Grecu Mihai

Born 1916, died 1997.

Master Mihai Grecu is an artist educated in the Romanian cultural space. By his complex and extremely gifted personality, M. Grecu revolutionized the plastic arts in Moldova as well as in the ex-Soviet space. Mihai Grecu is a fascinating and meaning-laden personality who managed to preserve the basis of Romanian art and give a sure orientation to the evolution of modern national art in our country. With a solar, colorist temperament of a rare pathetism, the painter becomes captivated by the harmony of colors, and the logic of each painting stems from the relation between warm and cold colors, between forms moving by their play of shadow and light. Mihai Grecu's work stands out by technological innovations such as collage, fluorescent or acrylic-based dies, various types of "bronze" and "aluminum" pigments. Technical experiments with modern dies have permitted him to discover the possibilities of the material, the finality of the relation between form and matter.

1937-1940 Academy of Arts in Bucharest

1966 - Gold Medal awarded by VDNH of URSS for skill in painting
1970 - Gold Medal awarded by VDNH for the triptych "The history of a life"
1972 - Person emeritus in Arts of Moldovan SSR
1978 - State Prize of MSSR
1987 - Artist of the people of MSSR
1990 - Laureate of State Prize
1991 - The Grand Prize of the Ministry of Culture from Romania, for the painting "Homage to ancestors"
1992 - Honorable Member of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova
1992 - The Republic of Moldova Citation

Solo Exhibitions
1935 - Belgorod-Dnestrovski
1965 - Bacu, Azerbaidjan
1968 - Tallin, Riga, Liepaia
1973 - Vilnius, LitHuania
1989 - Kiev, Ukraine
1992 - Bacau, Bucharest, Chisinau
1996 - Chisinau, Moldova
1997 - Chisinau, Moldova

Group Exhibitions
1957 - Chisinau, Moldova
1957 - Moscow, Russia
1966 - Riga, Latvia
1973 - Celeabinsk, Kostroma, Smolensk, Chernivtsi, Vinnitza
1983 - Moscow, Russia
1986 - Chisinau, Moscow

Mihai Grecu's Publications
1958 - Cultura Moldovei, "Dreptul la teme mari"
1962 - Cultura Moldovei, "Arta si noul"
1963 - Cultura Moldovei, "Culoarea si stilul"
1968 - Tvorcestvo, "Istoria odnoi jizni"
1968 - Nistru, "Peisajul si contemporaneitatea"
1975 - Molodioji Estonii, "I vechnoie i precrasnoe"
1991 - Moldova, "Fericita de propria-i taina"

Publications About Mihai Grecu
1966 - Cultura Moldovei, "Pictorul Mihai Grecu la 50 de ani"
1992 - Toma L. Vrata v dushu hudojnica, Vecernii Chishinev
1992 - L. Toma, O cununa de aur pe ruinele realismului socialist, Literatura si Arta
1992 - L. Toma, Un pictor-poet: Mihai Grecu, Bacau, Romania
1992 - I.Nechit, Spargatorul de oglinzi
1995 - Toma L. Cerez ternii k zviozdam, Nezavisimaia Moldova

1960 - M.G. Grecu, booklet
1971 - E.Pranulis, Moldavskie tsvety
1971 - L.Toma, Mihai Grecu, Moscow
1972 - I.Lukshin, Jivoale, Stiinta

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