romanian Balţan Iosif (scriitor)
english Baltan Iosif (writer) translated by: Ţurcan Nicu - nepotul lui A.Lupan

Baltan Iosif - writer
Baltan Iosif (25.12.1923, Chisinau, - 18.9.1975, Chisinau), poet, translator.
Finished the Highest Literature Courses of Writer Union of USSR(1956) and the Institute for Literature “M.Gorki”(1958). Has worked in the Writers Union from Moldova, was second chief-editor of “Nistru” revue and “Cultura Moldovei” journal. The first appearance is the volume of poetry “On the defense line of life”(1949). The next ones: “Poetry”(1952), “From tumultuous years”(1959), “Four hundred nightingales”(1963), “Speaking to love”(1965), “June”(1974)… His poetry has a meditative-philosophical tendency, a clarity of the artistical message. Assertion of major social, ethical and aesthetical values is the subject and content of his journalism and essay-writing (“Days and ways: Reflections, reportages, evocations”, 1961; “The places of beauty”, 1975…). Essays about L.Ucrainca , P.Ticina, S.Neris, I.Erenburg, V.Kataev, I.Ivashkevici, I.Tuvim, V.Nezval, T.Arghezi and others are impressive because of wealth of information, laconical interpretation, elevated artistical taste. Baltan has translated works of great writers((N.Tihonov, N.Hicmet, I.Tuvim, N.Aseev, S.Kaputikean, I.Erenburg, V.Scott, T.Dreiser, R.Kipling…)
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