romanian Gagiu Valeriu (scenarist, regizor)
english Gagiu Valeriu (script writer, producer)
russian Гажиу Валериу (сценарист, режиссер)

Gagiu Valeriu - script writer, producer
Born on the 1st of May 1938, Chisinau. Begins his creation activity as a poet and journalist. Education: VGIK (1958-1963) script writing. At the "Moldova-film" studio since 1960, he signs the script for the fiction movie "The man follows the sun". His activity from the 60s is connected with the poetic movie. In 70-80s he explores diverse genders: musical, adventure, historical, screenings, contemporary pictures. In December 1989 he was among the few Cinematographers from Moldova who immortalized pages of the Romanian revolution, making the "The bloody Christmas". During the armed conflict in from 1992 which took place in Transnistria he was among the Moldovan combatants and volunteers fighting. The play "Duet for two lunette possessors" reflects impressions from his war (a fragment of it was published din the magazine "Lanterna Magica"(The magic flashlight) nr.2-3 1996). During the 90s he is all busy with the documentary pictures. He is the member of honor at the International movie Academy "Nika" from Rusia. He is one picture director who is always ready for the duel and who always follows the sun, passes the green wave and who follows the cranes
The man follows the sun (script), 1961; When the cranes fly away (script), 1963; The street listens, a short subject (script, directing), 1964; The taste of bread, 1966; ten winters in exchange for one summer, 1969; Explosion with delayed action, 1971; The last hayduck, 1972; The green wave – a short subject fiction (script) 1973; Duration of the day, 1974; On the beast’s trail, 1976; When you have a man by your side, 1977; Where are you, love?, 1980; June border, 1982; I am ready for the duel, 1983; The burning river Nistru, 1984; The mysterious detained, 1986; ravens do not share their prex, 1988; The street of the switched off lamps, 1990
The bloody Christmas, 2 acte, 1989; On Mioritsa’s trails, 1995; All alone now, 1997; The Latin Island, 1999
Prizes and Diplomas
The man follows the sunFirst Prize The picture’s script International Movies Festival, Helsinki 1961
The taste of bread Laureate of the National Award for youth Boris Glavan 1967; The Prize The Great Amber For the best picture The regional Movie Festival from Chisinau, 1967; For the best script The Movie festival from Leningrad, 1968
Ten winters in exchange for one summer Award for the novel Tulburel The International Festival from Edinburg, 1970
The last hayduck The Award For the best scriptMovies Festival from Alma-Ata, 1973, the VI-th edition;The Special Prize awarded by the Writers Union from Kazahstan Alma-Ata, 1973
Duration of the day Special Award Movie Festival from Chisinau the VIII-th edition, 1975
Where are you, love? Jury’s Prize Movie Festival from Vilnius the XIV-th edition, 1981
All alone now Jury’s Award For the best documentaryThe International Movies festival DaKino from Bucuresti, 1997

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