romanian Şcurea Sandri Ion (actor la teatrul "Luceafărul")
english Scurea Sandri Ion (actor)

Scurea Sandri Ion - actor
SCUREA SANDRI ION, born on the 14th of November 1935 in the village of Vadul lui Isac, district Vulcanesti
Education: Theatre School "B.Sciukin" from Moscow (1955-1960) theatre and movie actor. Debuted at the "Moldova-film" studio in 1961
Famous parts: Mircea Lascu Wait for us at dawn, 1963; Mircea Scutaru The taste of bread, 1966; God A watchman is needed, 1967; Vasile AlecsandriLuceafarul 1986
Diplomas and Prizes
National Artist1974
The National Prize 1978

Eagle island, Gheorghe, 1961; The man follows the sun, an episode, 1961; The last night in heaven, Nicolai, 1964; Reserve officer, Lozovan, 1971; Bridges, Seremet, 1973; A Gipsey camp takes the way to sky, Baron Antal Siladi, "Mosfilm" studio, 1975; Nobody will take your place, The nettle, 1976; The fortress, Kurt Oberman, 1978; The suspect, 1978; Secret Service Agent June border, 1982 etc. Messenger, Klimovici, 1979; At the devil’s gates, The serdar Goia, 1980; June border, 1982 etc.


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