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Ciutac Victor - actor
CIUTAC VICTOR, born on the 12th of January 1938 in the village of Sirauti, district of Briceni
Education: Institute of Arts from Chisinau (1960-1964) movie and theatre actor. Played on the National Theatre scene "Vasile Alecsandri" from Balti, and since 1964 on the Dramatic Theatre stage "A.S.Puskin" (since 1994 National Theatre "Mihai Eminescu"). Debuts at the "Moldova-film" studio 1966
Resonance parts: Lie Cruntu Red meadows, 1966; Stefan Barda Duration of the day, 1974

Mariana, uncle Peter, 1967; Reserve officer, Pavel Dobinda, 1971; The fiddlers, Toma Alistar (The father), 1971; The last hayduck, Ion Codreanu, 1972; Dimitrie Cantemir, Ion Neculce, 1973; Bridges, Costache Frunza, 1973; Men turn gray-haired while young, Alexa Minzu, 1974; The horse, the gun and the wife, Marcu, 1976; On the beast’s trail, Brigade commissar, 1976; Who wins, The colhoz director, 1977; Fat-Frumos’ (Prince-charming’s) fairy-tale , The freezing man, 1977; June border, 1982; A swan crossing waters, 1982; Be happy, Iulia, 1983; At revolution dawn, 1984; The ephemeral love dance, an episode, 1988; Ravensdo not share their prex, an episode, 1988; The pain, an episode, 1989; Trinity, Savca, 1991
Awards and Diplomas
First Prize For the best actor Duration of the day The movie festival from, Chisinau, 1975, VIII-th edition
The national Prize 1980
National Artist 1991

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