romanian Canna Ion (scriitor)
english Canna Ion (writer) translated by: Ţurcan Nicu - nepotul lui A.Lupan
russian Канна Ион (писатель)

Canna Ion - writer
Canna Ion (born 28.I.1902, Goian, Dubasari - 27.I.1979, Chisinau) , writer. Participant to the Civil War. During the Second World War works in the Committee for broadcasts, being the same time chairman of Writers Union of MSSR. Begin with articles and the satirical story “The hand mill”(1926). The first works are about civil War, socialist transformations in the village and are showing Canna as author that is near to the simple, popular language. Before the Second World War appeared prose collections “Two meetings”(1937), “Stories”(1940), “The story of the former slave”(1941). The book “The daughter of the forest”(1945) is describing war episodes, the fight of partisans. The new stage of his creation are the works “On the Nistru coast”(1946), “Selected stories”(1948), “Selected pages”(1956) etc. The story “Mother”(1947) and novel “The morning on Nistru”(1951) are reflecting the times before October Revolution. Despite of the fact that his works are not free from gaps, they was promoted as stories about first years of socialist transformations.

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