romanian Corneanu Leonid (scriitor)
english Corneanu Leonid (writer) translated by: Ţurcan Nicu - nepotul lui A.Lupan
russian Корняну Леонид (писатель)

Corneanu Leonid - writer
Corneanu Leonid (1.I.1909, Coshnitsa, Dubasari - 27.XI.1957, Chisinau), poet and playwright. Has studied in Harcov and Sankt Petersburg. Doctor in philosophy. Professor at Pedagogical Institute of Tiraspol. Began with “Different verses” in 1930. Before 1940 write more poetry: “Tiraspol”(1932), Lights and shadows(1935), “Moldavian traditional songs”(1939). His works are tied to the realities of those times and could be seen as chronicle of the epoch. After the second World War is acting more as playwright: “The happiness of Marioara”(1951), “The carpet of Ileana”(1953), “Over the blue Danube”(1956), “The bitter of love” (1957)
Translates from T.Shevcenko, V.Maiakovski, D.Bednyi, A.Bezymeaniyi etc.
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