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� 2007-2013 familia Lupan
It's simple
updated: 2006-03-10 07:46:00

romanian original: Pur şi simplu
german translation: Weiter nichts als das Author: Warkentin Johann - translator
english translation: It's simple Author: Zheleznova Irina - translator
russian translation: Просто-напросто Author: Covalgi Chiril - writer, translator
ukrainian translation: Просто-напросто Author: Zasenco Petro


It's simple. The wheat is ripe
and its golden swells ripple and roll
in the breath of a balmy day
when the wind's motherly fingers
caress the crowns of the hills.

It's simple. The spirit of day dances
in the trembling arms of the haze,
its weird contortions part of summer's mythology
when the combines flit between earth and sky
in the gleaming splinters of sun.

The measure of time is exact:
day stretches out into evening and past it,
merging with night's blue coolness
and dawn's awakening.

The language of life is exact:
listen to it in an hour of rapture,
your hands touching the fluttering pennants
of new-born crops.

There is faith universal in the certitude of peace
when it is gained for the sake of that which is reaped,
threshed and winnowed and made into bread.

It's simple. You meet a man in the field,
one whose name you don't know,
and you tell him: "Good luck!"
and he thanks you in answer.
On this grateful soil
he stands like a master,
and as the wheat billows round him,
its ears bowing humbly like so many pilgrims,
he lifts his hand to his brow
and wipes away the tiny, sparkling beads
of honest sweat.

Translated by Irina Zheleznova

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