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� 2007-2013 familia Lupan
Old Pakhom's water-well
updated: 2006-05-10 19:54:00

romanian original: Fântâna lui Pahoma
chuvash translation: Пахом ҪӐлĕ Author: Malov A. - translator
german translation: Pachoms Brunnen Author: Warkentin Johann - translator
english translation: Old Pakhom's water-well Author: Rottenberg Dorian - translator
russian translation: Колодец Пахома Author: Covalgi Chiril - writer, translator
ukrainian translation: Пахомова криниця Author: Iuhimovici Vasili


Old-timers remember how poor he was;
half his life he'd roamed over hill and dell
then returned to his native parts because
old age had arrived. And he dug that well.

That time long remote I can picture today;
in the steppe where water was rarer than gold,
digging the earth, he had worked away,
his hands all calloused, himself bent and old.

Layer on layer of stony soil....
Again and again the sun rose and set.
He never let go his spade until
with clear spring water that spade got wet.

'Twas strong, the log well-shaft he built in old age!
Nobody knows what he did later on.
Perhaps old-timers-now dead-could have said...
The well remains, but Pakhom's long gone.

Both people and years disappear in the past....
Much changed round the village Pakhom called home.
But nowadays folk on their way from the fields
drink the icy-cold water and thank old Pakhom.

The highway is full of unheard-of machines.
Pakhom never dreamed of their like in his days.
They often pull up at the brink of the well
and cool their bosoms, with labour ablaze.

No counting the numbers of passers-by-
pedestrians, passengers-all who have gained
new strength from the well that Pakhom once built.
He certainly hadn't been working in vain.

And none of them know who he was, just as simply
they speak of Pakhom's well-the fruit of his feat-
as they would of the hillsides aquiver with barley
or the warm summer rain-shower that nurtures the wheat.

Translated by Dorian Rottenberg

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